• About HIGH5

    HIGH5 is the creator of Robin. Robin is a chatbot that can help businesses to manage sales flows, merchandise & services on Facebook.


    Robin is artificially intelligent and can be easily installed and setup in minutes.


    HIGH5 also offer training and integration support for your enterprise application.


  • What can Robin do for you?

    Robin has several functions and capabilities, and Robin can be taught and built around your needs.


    Robin can help your customers find the products they want, it can recommend items, process sales orders and it am also fluent in English & Mandarin!


    Using Facebook Messenger, Robin help you engage with your fans and followers, by directly sharing your latest products and news with them.


    Robin can do surveys, forms, exams and other information gathering tasks you might have. The data it collects can be sent to Google Sheets or an API.


    Robin makes it super easy for your customers to access your storefront & product pages all within Facebook Messenger.

  • Who Uses Robin?

    The Possibilities Are Endless!

    Merchants & Makers

    Robin can help answer questions about your products, orders and make product suggestions to your customers. If you have APIs available, it can talk to your API and integrate with your business.


    Robin can take reservations, offer recommendations, share the menu, take orders and process payments for you. Best of all, no special hardware is needed. Book reservations directly from within Facebook!

    Social Influencers

    In your own voice, Robin can help you share your latests stories with fans. Manage social campaigns and sell your physical or digital goods, services or even your concert / event tickets!

    Insurance Providers

    Robin can suggest plans, premiums and provide price quotes for your customers. It can make changes to their personal info, by tapping into your API and integrate with your business applications.

    Service Providers

    You don't have to sell physical products to take advantage of Robin. You can use our AI to sell your services and 'time' provided via Facebook Messenger to your fans and customers

    Schools and Universities

    Robin can send course materials, pass out time-boxed exams and collect test results directly on Facebook Messenger. Instructors can also setup these materials directly on Facebook Messenger as well.

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